Soluna will power the blockchain economy as the world’s first vertically-integrated blockchain computing company.

Currently, high-performance computing is predominantly powered by fossil fuels. This trend is highly unsustainable, especially as the world moves toward finding ecologically conscious solutions. It’s important that we support the development of these technologies with a minimal negative impact on the planet.

Our approach combines a utility-scale 900 MW renewable wind farm in Morocco, with its privately owned, co-located, high-density computing facilities to support and foster next-generation breakthroughs.

We will provide a new solution to the blockchain computing market—which is currently valued at over $6 billion and one of the world’s fastest-growing consumers of energy—and be the infrastructure backbone of the blockchain revolution.

A.M Wind SARL began the development of its Dakhla wind farm in 2009. In 2018, A.M Wind SARL was acquired by Soluna to be developed under its current concept.

Integrating world-class renewable power generation with fully optimized blockchain computing facilities will drive a record-breaking PUE on our data center, and tie it to the lowest energy prices. Soluna will mine cryptocurrencies inexpensively and with less adverse environmental impact than other companies.

Cryptocurrency mining is only the start. Soluna will provide the infrastructure for the growing computing industry, not only for crypto-mining but also for new technologies such as machine learning, video rendering, and artificial intelligence, just to name a few. All of which are considered to be highly energy-intensive, and asynchronous by nature.

Our Core Values

100% renewable energy, always.

“While we’ve been offered the opportunity to work with non-renewable energy sources and materials, remaining true to our commitment to 100% green power meant passing up on the offers that weren’t right for us.”

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Supporting local economies.

“Supporting the local economy means creating job opportunities, backing education and training, creating clean energy, and giving back.”

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Total transparency.

“Our strategy to be open and honest about our project imperatively sets us apart from other projects in the crypto space and simultaneously reinforces the premise of blockchain technologies.”

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Our Unique Approach: Vertical Integration

By developing renewable energy power plants dedicated to on-site, high-performance computing, Soluna adds a unique innovation to the blockchain ecosystem.


100% Renewable Energy


High-Performance Computing