Infrastructure. Sustainability. Innovation.

At Soluna, renewable energy is just the start of how we see the world. We’re making renewable energy into a global superpower—using computing as a catalyst.

The planet needs fresh innovations to vastly reduce greenhouse emissions by 2050. We must accelerate our ability to achieve ubiquitous, affordable zero-carbon energy globally. Increases in the flexibility, resilience, and efficiency of the energy grid are essential.

Soluna is at the forefront of these innovations. We combine renewable power plants with data centers that perform scientific, blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence-related computing.

The heart of our vertically-integrated approach is dispatchable data centers guided by advanced strategies like Zero Carbon Cloud (ZCCloud), delivering dynamic consumption to match power generation. This innovation also enables what we call basification: By eliminating the intermittency of renewable power plants, we can make the grid more flexible and resilient as the percentage of renewable energy grows.

“High levels of intermittent and inflexible generation will require high levels of new flexibility, and there may be some periods of oversupply. Interconnectors and energy storage will play a key role in easing this.”– National Grid

Soluna is using this method to establish industrial-strength intermittent computing in Washington state, where along with our strategic partner MTI we connect with the mighty hydroelectric power of the Columbia River Basin and its 1300MW dam. We are also far along in the development of the Harmattan Dakhla Wind Farm, a utility-scale 900 MW renewable wind farm in Morocco.

In both sites, co-located, high-density computing will support dispatchable data centers and bitcoin mining, as well as the energy-intensive computing structure required for machine learning, blockchain, video rendering, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Progress is about more than just responsible power plants, however. It means having a responsible plan, where technology, smart business, people, and places converge in new ways. These essential components form more than the sum of their parts, taking less out of our planet so the global population can thrive.

Our Core Values

100% renewable energy, always.

“While we’ve been given the opportunity to work with non-renewable energy sources and materials, remaining true to our commitment to 100% green power meant passing up on the offers that weren’t right for us.”

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Supporting local economies.

“Supporting the local economy means creating job opportunities, backing education and training, creating clean energy, and giving back.”

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Total transparency.

“Being open and honest about how our projects work imperatively sets us apart from other projects in the computing space.”

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Our Unique Approach: Vertical Integration

By developing vertically-integrated projects, we deliver affordable green energy to local markets and zero-carbon cloud computing to global markets.


100% Renewable Energy


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